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The Centralized Pension Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPENGRAMS), is an online computerised system which has been developed with an objective of speedy redress and effective monitoring of the grievances besides providing a fast access to the pensioners. It offers the following facilities:

  • Lodge Your Grievance
  • Send Reminder/Clarification
  • Check Status of Registered Grievance 
  • Feedback
  • Help

Upon clicking at "Lodge Your Grievance" option, you will be provided with an electronic Grievance Registration Form wherein you are required to fill-up your personal and grievance particulars in the boxes provided for against the respective titles. The boxes with titles prefixed with "*" should be filled-up compulsory without fail. The boxes with titles prefixed with "#" are important fields. At least one among them is required.Other entries would definitely help to provide more information about your case.

You may follow the messages given along with the titles. There are mainly two types of entry options:

  1. Boxes with white spaces wherein you have to just click and enter the details such as Name, Address, etc.
  2. Boxes marked with arrow wherein you have to just click on the arrow to view a pull down list for selecting your choice.

The information pertaining to following titles, could be furnished in the manner illustrated below:

  1. Complainant Name :  For Pensioners' Associations  etc., select "Organisation" in title.
  2. Grievance Description:  Here you can enter the detailed description of your grievance covering all the details. You should not exceed 4000 characters. You can use the copy and paste facilities available in your browser.
  3. Attachment:  You can upload/attach scanned copy of the relevant documents in "PDF" format.
  4. Have You approached your Ministry/Deptt. with this grievance.
    This List has three options: 
    1. Approached,but no Response
    2. Approached,but Unsatisfactory Response
    3. Not Approached
    If you already lodged your complainant to concerned authority and you have not received the respone, then select First Option "Approached,but no Response".
    If you already lodged your complainant to concerned authority and you have not received the statisfactory respone, then select Second Option "Approached,but Unsatisfactory Response".
    If you have not lodge your complainant to the concerned authority, then select third Option "Not Approached".
    In case of first two options, please provide the reference no. received From concerned authority and reference date w.r.t. reference no.

After completing all your entries, ensure the correctness of the entries and click the SUBMIT button. Upon submitting, your grievance will get registered in the database and a registration number will be flashed on the screen. This Registration Number will be sent to you via Email/SMS if you have provided the mobile no/email id during the registration of your grievance, otherwise you are required to note down the same for all your future references.

You can use this registration number for sending clarifications, sending reminders and  finding out the status of your grievance. You can also give the feedback on the disposal of grievance.